Make Love Not War
We’ve created a merchandise brand and a comic alter-ego for one of the world’s famous adult film actresses
Eva Elfie
The collection contains 2300 items of clothing, comics and pillows
One of the most popular adult film actresses, top-3 Pornhub 2021 and 2.8 mln subscribers on Instagram
The project emphasizes the need of decreasing violence depicted in contemporary pop culture by turning to comics, video games, fashion and adult content.
We portrayed Eva as a secret agent who saves the world. The naive plot becomes a homage to Aeon Flux and Stripterella TV shows. Due to the outstanding artwork made by three female artists, the project became an example of the true female gaze.
In collaboration with the client, we created a language based on antimilitary symbols of the past, rethinking early 20th century patterns and 1960s barrier colouring.
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