In Search of PlayStation
Created a comic about playing PlayStation before and now for Esquire magazine.
Esquire x PlayStation
The comic has two parts — "Back to the 90s" and "Forward to the Present", looped by a single plot.
We involved two artists in the project, who call to each other at the end of each comic.
Especially for PlayStation and Esquire magazine, we tried to answer the question "How did people play the console before and how do they play now?". The main character of the comic is a protagonist who loves to play the PlayStation since childhood.
In each part, the protagonist passes obstacles in his way before getting the console: he dodges imaginary bullets (like in a shootout in GTA), invests in MMM in a store (like in FF), or participates in a yard brawl (like in Tekken 3).
Throughout the comic, readers can find references to cult video games from different times, showing the authenticity of the PlayStation brand with a unique history.
The project was presented in the form of an interactive online comic, which made both stories "Back to the 90s" and "Forward to the present" parallel developing and easy to read.
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