In Search of
Perfect Hairstyle
Creation and release of
a graphic novel about hip-hop superheroes with rapper GONE.Fludd and his team
Work on the 100-page comic book took three months within the deadline before Comic Con Russia in 2019.
The presentation of the comic book took place on the stage of the festival, together with the scriptwriter and artists (GONE.Fludd, Cakeboy, etc.).
In both comics and pop music worlds, readers and listeners admire superheroes. Who are the leaders of the music industry, if not heroes? The comic "Glam Go Gang! In search of the perfect haircut" is the synthesis of the two worlds.
Having received an offer to work on a comic book from the artist GONE. Fludd and his team Glam Go Gang, we started creating a collection together with talented illustrators (Evgeny Kiyamov, Dmitry Osipenko and others), as well as screenwriter and project manager Vitaly Terletsky.
As for form and content, the comic refers to the classic manga. It is dedicated to a fictional story of acquaintance of Glam Go Gang participants, in which readers can find demons, dwarfs, talking hairstyles and spectacular fights between heroes.
The work on the 100-page comic took three months within the deadline before Comic Con Russia 2019. The presentation of the comic took place on the festival stage together with the scriptwriter and the artists (GONE.Fludd, IROH, Cakeboy, Flipper Floyd).
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