People’s Stories Through the Eyes of Transport
We’ve told a multipart story about Moscow’s public transportation system, which became a part of the city itself.
Moscow Transport Museum
24 comic-posters by
11 artists.
75 decorated bus and metro stations of Moscow.
Every comic poster contains the story of someone whose life somehow connected to Moscow transport on New Year’s eve.
The protagonists are common people like ourselves: they are in a hurry to buy last-minute presents, catch the last train home and get there just in time to cook festive dinner before the clock hits midnight.
It’s not a coincidence we’ve implemented transport aesthetics in city locations: trains, trams and buses are linked to the city, which makes these stories happen.
Our main goal was to find a visual language that is in sync with the environment and simple to understand by a random passerby. Judging by what people say, we succeeded.
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